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Injection mold Modification and repair

Design of injection moulds


Machining of injection moulds


Modification of injection moulds


Repair of injection moulds


Since 1970, OPMM specializes in the design and manufacture of moulds up to 10 tons for your parts of shapes, appearance and technical parts of injected plastic.

OPMM is also the modification of mould and repair for tools up to 30 tons as well as a know-how recognized for the development of Chinese molds.

OPMM: Historically means “precise tools, moulds and mechanics”. Specialized in the creation of plastic injection mould and injection moulding, OPMM has a recognized know-how in precision tooling and plastics processing. OPMM accompanies the companies in their project of plastic moulding of the creation of the mould until the production of the parts.

Plastic Injection

OPMM They have been experts for over 40 years in high precision machining, compression moulding and plastic injection moulding.

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OPMM is an unparalleled know-how in the mastery of cutting tools, various types of stamping tooling and also machining, milling, turning and fitting.

Plastic parts

Driven by experienced engineering firms, the Machine Park offers the means to respond to all customer requests for plastic injection in a wide range of fields such as nuclear, rail, armament, and automotive. High capacity machining means Are multiple, the means of finishing such as the presses to be presented or the Plastic injection Presses are performing.

Plastic parts made with injection moulds
Lifting up to
30 tons
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