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Plastic parts manufacturing

Plastic parts Manufacturing

For over 40 years, we have been designing, manufacturing and repairing plastic injection moulds. We work regularly with companies operating in the industrial, automotive or household appliances sector. Capable of responding to all demands, we produce moulds with the aim of producing plastic parts in series. Various, they can take the form of a protective casing, a wristwatch, an identification badge, a pipe fitting, a filtration device… Discover four objects made by our injection moulds...

Plastic Knee

Used in the medical or sports sector, the plastic knee brace helps to stabilize a traumatized knee. Supporting the weight of the body, it must first of all be very solid. Used to walk, run and sit, it allows you to re-educate yourself safely.

Plastic Clamp

Used to maintain two cylindrical elements between them or to group different cables, the plastic clamp is always made in series. Resistant to all tests, it can be used in a multitude of fields such as food or electricity. Offered by specialised signs for handling, DIY, security or identification, it is usually sold in batches.

Plastic Dummy

Indispensable in the world of ready-to-wear, the model store is used to highlight a new collection or a special outfit. Made of solid plastic, it can be more or less flexible. Depending on the needs, it is placed directly in the shop or in the window. It is available in all specialized shop-arrangement signs. The plastic dummy is available in many versions.

Plastic button

Used in clothing, the plastic button Allows you to complete a garment or an accessory. Infinitely, it can take different shapes, colors and sizes. It is usually fixed by sewing thread. The plastic injection mould is ideal to produce it quickly and in large quantities.